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Mobile Security FAQs

Update Your OS and Security Software

Just like your personal computer, your mobile device is susceptible to viruses and malware. That’s why it’s important to take the following actions to help ensure that your mobile device is secure and safe to use:

Keep Your Operating System and Applications Up-to-Date

In general, your device’s application store will keep you aware of any required application updates. You can also proactively check for updates.

  • For an iPhone or iPad, use iTunes on your desktop computer or the setting panel on your phone to check for updates.
  • For an Android mobile device, check your device settings for updates.

Watch Out for Malicious Software

Limit your risk of installing malicious software by only downloading trusted applications from an application marketplace or store.

Secure Your Phone and Your Data

Using a password or PIN and encrypting your data can prevent a criminal from taking information if your phone is lost or stolen.

Lock Your Phone

Use a password or PIN to restrict access to your phone, if your mobile device supports it. This makes it more difficult to get into your device.

Encrypt Your Data

If your mobile device supports it, use encryption (open pop-up layer) to protect sensitive information. Your device may have a wipe function that can be triggered by password failures. You may also be able to perform a remote swipe in case your phone is stolen or lost.


Internet Explorer 11 is outdated. For improved security and optimized performance we highly recommend upgrading your browser. ChromeFirefoxEdge

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