Online Banking & Bill Pay FAQs

Bill Pay FAQs

Is paying bills online hard to do?

Paying bills online is easier and takes less time than opening the envelope containing your paper bill, reviewing it, writing a check and keeping and filling manual records of your payments. Once you’ve set up the service, just enter the payment amount, schedule the payment date, and you’re done.

Do I need any special software or hardware to use Online Bill Pay?

No special software is necessary. You just have to be enrolled in Internet Banking to use this service.

If I pay bills online, do I give up control of when payments are made?

Absolutely not. You will always be in control of your bank account. You decide who, and how often to pay. Need to cancel or change a payment? No problem, as long as it’s done before the processing date.

Setting Up and Maintaining payees

Who can I pay using Enhanced Online Bill Pay?

  • You may pay almost any payee you wish with the following restrictions:
  • The merchant must be located in the United States;
  • Payments may not be remitted to tax authorities or government and collection agencies;
  • Payments may not be remitted to security companies such as Ameritrade for stock purchases or trade taxing authorities; and
  • Court directed payments are unauthorized (Alimony, child support, or other legal debts.)

What if I do not have an account number for one of my Payees?

Sometimes you will want to set up a Payee with whom you do not have an actual account number. It’s easy – simply enter the Payee name, customer service phone number, and ZIP Code for that company to enable a database search. If the database does not find a match, you may enter the rest of the information yourself.

Do I need to contact my Payees so they know I am going to be using Online Bill Pay to pay them?

No, that is not necessary.

Payment Processing

How do I know if a payment has been sent?

From the Payments tab, choose Payment History. Select you Search and Display options. Your payment history will display.

When will payments be deducted from my account?

Any payment made electronically will be debited from your account as the scheduled Process Day. Any payment made by check will be debited from your account when the Payee cashes the check.

How many days does it take for my payment to reach the Payee?

Most transactions will be processed five (5) Business Days before your selected Scheduled Payment Date. It is understood that, due to circumstances beyond our control, even once they are received, some transactions may take a day or even a few days longer to be credited by your Payee to your account with them.

What do I do if my payee never received my payment?

If you have a question regarding a payment, there is a way to send and inquiry within the Bill Pay system, or you may contact us and will be happy to research that for you.

Without a check stub or a canceled check, how can I prove that I made a payment?

In the event that you need to provide proof of payment, there are many different tracking systems in place. For example, your bank statement will reflect debits to your account listing the names of the Payees.

How can I stop a scheduled payment?

All online payments can be canceled before they are processed (5 or more business days prior to the requested due date.) Once the payment has been processed, additional modifications are not possible.


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