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CardValet User Instructions

Compatible Phones: Apple iOS and Android Devices CardValet App was created for use on phones.

CardValet Home

Home/Landing Page:

  • Refresh Button, tap to update all info to latestavailable (Balances)
  • Total $ spent on all registered cards this month.
  • Cards registered in Card Valet
    • Tapping the arrow next to the cardtakes you to Card Details
  • Checking/Savings accounts linked to the cards
CardValet Card Details  

Card Details:

  • Tap Card Image for more details:
    • Card Active/Inactive/Restricteddepending on the status of your card atFirst National Bank (the On/Off switchwill not will not change this status)
    • Total $ spent on Card this month
    • Time/Date last updated
  • Turn Card On or Off:
    • Turning Card On/Off will NOT preventrecurring payments, ALL othertransactions on the card WILL bedenied
    • Control Logo CardValet Control Logo on Card Image will turn Red if card is turned Off, Green if card is turned On.

CardValet Control

CardValet Account Details 

Account Details:

  • Tap on a Checking/Savings accountfrom the Home/Landing page
  • Shows Current Balance/AvailableBalance
  • Available Balance is adjusted forpending transactions
  • Balances are updated each time youlog into CardValet or when you clickthe Refresh icon from the Home page
  • Low Balance Alert
    • Set an alert if your account fallsbelow a certain $ amount
  • Recent Transactions
    • Displays last 50 transactions orlast 30 days of transactions(whichever is less)
    • IMPORTANT: If list is accessedfrom specific card/account itshows all card transactionsfrom that card/account
    • BUT if list is accessed from theMain Menu, it will show all cardtransactions associated withALL cards/accounts
    • BEST way to access RecentTransactions is through aspecific account
CardValet Transaction List 

Pending Transactions:

  • All Card Based Transactions:
    • If a transaction was denied, itwill say Denied below (lower leftof transaction)
    • For more info on eachtransaction tap the arrow to theright of the transaction
  • IMPORTANT: Transactionsperformed by Tellers, ACH, automatic transfers, bill payments, etc. will NOT be displayed. ONLY card related transactions will show in CardValet




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